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Bryce Moltumyr

I recently read a tweet that asked the question, “Is it better to give a little to a lot of ministries or a lot to a few.” What if, as a ministry, you could have access to both? What if you had access to hundreds, maybe thousands more people that could give a little? What if someone put a tool—a platform into your hands to make this amazingly easy so you could keep your focus on carrying out your ministry? But more than that, what if this same tool gave you access to countless other resources; like media, tech tools, equipment, and even connection forums where you can ask questions of others.

My name is Bryce Moltumyr and I am a husband, father, pastor, web developer, and online community builder. I am a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God in Minnesota. I grew up in a church plant environment at Oak Hills Church. In 2002, I graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis with a degree in Youth Ministry. I have been a youth pastor for about five years.  A couple of those were back in a mobile church plant type setting. I love church plants and more than appreciate the work they do with limited income. That is part of where this website comes in…

How did I get here?

At the end of 2008, I was coming to the end of one place of ministry. In the short window of unemployment, I had the opportunity to develop a website for a local business. The only catch was that I had to truly learn web development so I began to teach myself web development. I successfully launched my first website shortly after.

The new youth ministry position that I was hired for was part time so I was still looking to fill the gap. I found a part time web developer position at a web firm near home. Never thinking I’d actually be hired, I sent in a resume and prayed for God’s favor. You could imagine my surprise when I was granted an interview and my fear when I was actually hired. I was, after all, only self-taught for about two months with only two websites in my portfolio… the second being for the church I had been hired at.

In my time at the web firm, my skill set grew more than I could imagine. Every day, I would ask God for an understanding and capacity to learn more. I believe God granted that knowledge for a purpose I didn’t yet know but was beginning to suspect He had something in mind.

As I said before, I love church plants and appreciate what they do, usually with such a limited income. An idea grew in my heart. I knew that this understanding of web development came by the favor and grace of God. I wanted to use it to benefit the Church, whether a new plant or one that has been around for years. This vision became Emerge Designs, and now Resource the Church.

Why ResourceTheChurch.com?

Contrary to popular belief, pastors don’t just work on Sundays. There is so much that goes into a continually growing, life-giving ministry. ResourceThechurch.com is here to build an online community of people and resources into ministry’s hands to free its people up to focus on what’s important… ministry.