Defining a Win

Destination Burger

In ministry, it’s so easy to dwell on the things that didn’t go right. We beat ourselves up over the smallest details that weren’t according to plan and toss aside the victories. Defining and celebrating wins in ministry is crucial for you and your team.

Have you thought about what a win looks like? More than that, have you thought about what a win looks like for your ministry? You hear about all the kingdom victories—all the “wins”— that other church or that other youth ministry is a part of and ask, “Why doesn’t that happen here?”

Why is that a question?

I’ve been guilty of asking that question many times. Each ministry is as unique as the person God put in charge of it. So why do we ask that question? Because we haven’t defined what a win looks like for our place of ministry.

Destination Burger
Photos by Jon Hohm

This past Sunday, our church had its first Destination: Burger small group (small, being 24 guys). Yes, driving to the middle of nowhere to devour burgers that leave you hurting is a great place to start when planning a small group. Even greater is the conversation and community that’s built. I heard one share about how much it means to he and his wife to be a part of Canvas. He went on to explain they ways their lives have been changing and are continuing to change. There was another who was absolutely at the end of everything. He came to Canvas, God got a hold of his attention, and now his story continues.

These are wins.

If you are able to define what a win looks like in your ministry, it’s that much harder to become discouraged when ministry gets tough… and it gets tough. Do you know what a win looks like for your ministry? Do you have a win that you are so excited about that you want to share? Tell us your win in the comments below. Encourage another reader.

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