Bring Easter to Your Community


PeepsHere we are less than two months until Easter.  As we get closer to this wonderful celebration, our minds are buzzing with ideas to reach out to our community.  We know that Jesus dying on the cross is why we celebrate Easter yet the large divide is between Jesus and the Easter Bunny.  Our goal this Easter season is to draw those who do not know Christ to an understanding of Jesus’ great sacrifice for each of us.

How can you close the divide between the Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ?  What creative ways can we use to get people into our churches?  Many churches have great success with either an Easter Egg Hunt or even the new Easter Egg Drop.  A classic Egg Hunt can be a great draw for families with children.  The most successful Egg Hunts we have attended with our children were divided into age groups.  Each area is sectioned off to keep the kids of the same age and size in the same area.

While the kids are at your outreach, what about a few craft ideas?  Each child needs a basket to put their Easter Eggs and candy in, so why not have a craft station where they can create a basket?  There are a ton of ideas you can find if you just Google “Easter Basket Craft.”  You can use 2-liter pop bottle bottoms, heavy tag board, or even egg cartons to create some great baskets.  Why not add a Petty Area with baby chicks, bunnies, and other farm animals?  If you are going to host this event at your church, add a brunch open to the community.  Sometimes our biggest issue is getting new people to step in the doors of our church.  What a great way to get them in and let them know how much you truly care about them!

Valley Creek Church of Woodbury did a great job hosting their Easter Egg Drop last year.  They dropped 10,000 eggs from a helicopter onto a football field while kids of all ages waited to not only gather the candy, but also hopefully grab an egg with a prize coupon inside.  What a fun idea!

And if the fun of Saturday isn’t enough, why not add an incentive for the kids to return on Sunday?  Have a drawing for all the kids who attended Saturday’s event when they return on Sunday to your kids program.  At Canvas Church, we had a steller Sunday in Canvas Kids the week after Halloween when we gave away a Nintendo 3DS.  The best part is the kid who won the prize didn’t even know what a Bible was!  The following week, he and his brother were back with brand new Bibles.  They also had their memory verse memorized.  It was great to see their excitement to learn more about God.   A new journey began for that whole family. Lives and legacy were changed.

So how will you reach out to your community this year?  What kind of event can your church create just from the talented people in your church?

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