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Canvas - 1st Sunday

A little over a year ago, God began walking me through a time in the wilderness and teaching me more about myself. You can read more about it here. Last January, God began something in me that brought purpose to everything I had been experiencing. I was a youth pastor at the time but my wife and I knew a new flight plan was coming.

Canvas - 1st Sunday

One of the things I had been thinking about for a while was beginning a blog to use my geek tendencies to benefit ministries… so I started Resource the Church to share about new technology, ideas, products, services and tips to help churches and ministries to not have to think about or search for these things so that they could focus on sharing the gospel and doing ministry in new and creative ways.  But ministries and staff need more than that. Ideas aren’t worth much without the artillery to launch them. Ideas need tangible resources. There are so many other ways churches and ministries need to be resourced. Some ministries have them, and some don’t.

I recently read a tweet that asked the question, “Is it better to give a little to a lot of ministries or a lot to a few.” What if, as a ministry, you could have access to both? What if you had access to hundreds, maybe thousands more people that could give a little? What if someone put a tool—a platform into your hands to make this amazingly easy so you could keep your focus on carrying out your ministry? But more than that, what if this same tool gave you access to countless other resources; like media, tech tools, equipment, and even connection forums where you can ask questions of others.

Are you interested?

I love the picture of the New Testament church described in Acts 2:42-47. It’s funny because I always disliked that passage. I always thought it had a Socialist vibe. It’s funny that God used this passage to place the renewed vision of Resource the Church in my heart. What we see in this passage is not a picture of a Socialist community. This is a picture of the Kingdom of God.

This is God’s intention for the Church today. The internet is a tool that we have at our disposal that can help us to achieve this on a much larger scale. We have just relaunched Resource the Church with some new ideas… version 2.0. I say “we” because my wife has joined this dream. My top strength is ideation, and she’s a doer. Stuff gets done this way. We practice this at home. We resource each other.

We started by adding Classified ad listings. We know there are churches that have a Sunday school room that needs to be cleaned out before all those kids graduate from the nursery. We also know there are churches that could really use some of that equipment out of that room. This will be a great tool for new ministries and church plants.

Next (very soon), with version 2.1 we’ll launch a communication forum for church and ministry staff to share ideas, and ask questions. The more people involved in conversations, the more community there will be. This will be a great source of information and ideas.

We have more planned after these tools but those will be for another post. We don’t want to spoil everyone.

What would you like to see on Resource the Church? Leave some comments and/or suggestions below and let us know how we can serve you.

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