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Metro Ministries van

Metro Ministries vanI just got back a few days ago from a missions trip to New York City. One of the ministries we worked with while we were over there was Metro Ministries, which is located in Bushwick, one of the rougher areas of Brooklyn. While on the trip, our team was blogging (you can find our posts here.

My posts center around my observations of the church body that we were a part of for this short time…

Our worship leader back home has been spending a lot of time speaking about the value of looking at each Sunday as a weekly family reunion. Unless you have an unhealthy family, family gatherings are relaxing, comfortable, and safe.

We have been to a youth service, Bible study/descipleship classes, a prayer meeting, and even a staff meeting. And this has been over the coarse of only 3 days! Each time has been like a family reunion or a party. Everyone is so glad to see each other. There is a closeness among this church body that I have never seen.

In NYC, your surroundings aren’t always safe. Metro Ministries HQ is located in a rougher area of Brooklyn. At 11pm, the ice cream man ain’t sellin’ ice cream. I would guess that it is out of this type of surroundings that grows this closeness. It is a necessity. They depend on each other for encouragement and accountability to live the faith. Sounds a little bit how the new testament church is supposed to look. Maybe we need a little desperation to get there. A little bit never hurt anyone. What do you think?

It strikes me how easily we can go to church every week, for many, a couple times a week but still not have any deep, meaningful relationships. God does not expect us to simply live a Christian life. He expects us to thrive as followers of Christ. The days in which we live, whether in Bushwick, Brooklyn, or greater Minnesota, we need this community. According to Acts 2:42-47, this is one way God will grow the Church.

How do you encourage community in your church? Have you ever been someone with no close relationships in your church family? How have you worked through it? Let’s encourage each other today! Share this post on Facebook or Tweet this (at the top and bottom of this post), or leave a comment below to encourage community across the Church.

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