My Newest Appendage


Music ProgramAs I grabbed my wallet, watch, and keys to head to my oldest son’s music program, I realized that my next instinct was to grab my iPad. I took a moment to think about whether or not I really needed it (only because you need to get there 45 minutes early to claim your photo taking real-estate). The desire to not be “that guy” is what finally won out. As I sit here now, the program has started but we are sitting through all of the opening acts before the featured presentation is performed by the kindergarten class. This blog post would be a whole lot easier without having to plunk it out on my phone. What is a blogger to do?

I realize I am late in the game talking about the value of an iPad for pastors. You really can’t go to meetings or conferences without spotting a handful of people with the soft warm glow of an iPad on their faces. Until recently, I would simply look on them with longing eyes and patiently wait for my day.

My day has come. My iPad, which I affectionately call Tabitha, has become my newest appendage. I can kill meaningless hours on it, yes, but when I use it for work as a pastor, blogger, reader, networker, human, my productivity goes through the roof.

iPad at the pulpitLet me count the ways…

  • Easily read/eliminated 180+ blog posts yesterday.
  • Clear out my email inbox like a champ.
  • Using Google Documents, all my messages are saved online and easily accessible to preach/teach from my ipad.
  • Using YouVersion, keeping on track with reading my Bible everyday is only less challenging.
  • I keep my ideas, notes, blog posts, etc. organized in the cloud with Evernote.

The best part of all of this is that it is so much faster to pull out my iPad than it is to pull out my entire Macbook. Even a notebook computer creates a barrier between you and your family. Unless you cannot take your face away from your iPad, the barrier greatly reduced, if not eliminated. If you can’t take your face away from it, then there are some other issues you should work on before you buy an iPad.

As the world knows, an iPad is expensive. That seems to be a big reason why many pastors may have a hard time with justifying the purchase. That’s ok! I was fortunate enough to be blessed by my students in fusion student ministry.  One student had the idea and rallied the whole group. Together, they bought it for me. They completely surprised me on a Wednesday night with it. I never doubted but they locked in their position as the best group of students. Churches, consider that a nudge.

Do you wield an iPad at the pulpit? How does it work for you? What are some of the tools you use to help you do your job better? Was it beneficial to your family when you removed the “notebook barrier?” Share your stories and ideas in the comments section.

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