Fastest Free YouTube Downloader

Fastest Free YouTube Downloader

A few moths ago, while reading a blog, I made a discovery that opened a whole new video source for adding a splash of creative media in Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. The title says it all… Fastest Free YouTube Downloader.” Yes. That is actually the name of the application… and no, it is not a lie.Fastest Free YouTube Downloader

If you have ever used a YouTube video in a service without the right tools, you know that it can look pretty unprofessional. Sure, people are forgiving of the browser window being moved onto the projector screen but for the perfectionists, like me, it makes our skin crawl… especially when we know there is a better way.

Still don’t think it’s a big deal? Well, then you haven’t yet experienced the inevitable banner ad containing images of a “conflict of interest.” Imagine a room full of teenagers and a “conflict of interest” enters the screen enticing all males eighteen and older. I can hear the parents’ phone calls ringing. I have yet to experience this in an adult setting (only barely missed it once). I know that some of you are reading this with horrific memories of the emergency board meeting that followed.  Don’t let that be you!

Enter “Fastest Free YouTube Downloader”

I can safely speculate that this is not only the fastest but also the easiest application that I will ever endorse. The application is available for both Mac and PC and can be downloaded right from their website.

Once downloaded, simply copy the URL (web address) of the YouTube video that you want to download and paste it in the box in the top right that says, “Enter YouTube URL”. You should then see a thumbnail image of the video, title and information show up in the application window. Off to the right, you can set the type of file that you would like to download the video as and set the quality. Click “Download” right next to the thumbnail image. Wait for the file to download and convert. You don’t even need to grab a refill of coffee. It’ll be done before you get back… Unless you’re downloading a whole episode of Glee (you know who you are).

When it says completed, your video is saved in a default folder. The buttons on the bottom right of the application window allow you to go to that folder or change the default folder.

Wow, that was easy! Next post, we’ll talk about placing your video into your Keynote and Power Point presentations to make your video setup seamless.

Do you have a YouTube blooper story from one of your services? Share it with us in the comments section!


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