Building a Community to Build Up Churches


CommunityThe power and benefit of using online social media is the ability to leverage the whole community to better accomplish a mission. The mission of is to Resource the Church to tell THE story.

There are an amazing amount of tools and resources out there that many of us never even hear of. This site is dedicated to helping pastors, church staff, and volunteer leaders discover and successfully utilize these tools and resources to tell the story. This is where you come in. There are many of you out there that have a certain specific expertise that is inline with the mission of RtC. What’s your area? This is where community becomes vital to the success of this mission.

What does an online community look like?

Here are just a few practical ways to join the conversation:

Subscribe to the blog. Whether you subscribe directly with the site or subscribe to the RSS feed, this is the simplest way to be a part and always be aware of the latest.

Each post carries the ability for the reader to post comments or questions. Typically, I’ll close a post with a question or a thought designed to get your wheels turning further on the topic. Share your thoughts or perspectives. Maybe what you have to say or ask will benefit other readers or the author of the post. The conversation that happens could even inspire new posts!

Follow RtC on Facebook and Twitter. These are more places to connect with everyone in this community. This is another way to stay fresh with the conversations and news in places where (if we’re all honest) 😉 we spend some of our time already. The Facebook discussions tab is a great place to continue topics of conversation. When you like a post or find it helpful, pass it on with the sharing buttons before and after the posts!

Give your ideas! What are some of the solutions you are looking for in your office? Many great topics and posts can come out of the questions you ask! If you have an area of expertise that we talked about earlier that fits the mission of RtC, submit it as a guest post. Get your ideas and topics out there as well! I have a growing list of topics and guest bloggers that will come down the line but there is always, ALWAYS room for more.

What sort of tech or online service solutions are you looking to figure out? Or, do you have an area of expertise? Let us know! Let’s get this community growing and let the conversation begin!

Chat with you soon!

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