Shared File Storage Made Easy with Dropbox

Unless you have an expensive file server with a network administrator in your office, sharing files across computers can become unreliable and insecure very quickly.  Here are just a few obstacles that you may have already encountered…

  • Though Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were one day close buddies, today, Apples and PCs don’t like to play nice, especially when it comes to office networking.
  • Over the past few years we’ve added the additional challenge with notebook computers.  When they leave the office, the greedy buggers take their shared directories with them.
  • What if you’re running a desktop computer in the office but need to check on something when the treasurer calls you at home?
  • You have confidential documents hanging out in your open wifi that you are just hoping no one finds.

Enter Dropbox.

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This amazing service answers these concerns and more! Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.  Here are a few main features…

  • 2GB of free online storage. Bonus: If you use a link from this page, you will receive an extra 250MB for free. If you need more storage, you can get up to 100GB for paid level subscriptions.
  • You can sync files of any type and size.
  • Works across Windows, Mac and Linux. You can even access your files online through a secure login.
  • Dropbox automatically syncs in both directions when it detects that a file has changed.
  • Sharing files and directories with others is both secure and extremely easy. There is a public folder for files you would like to allow access to anyone.
  • Simple gallery feature for displaying photos.
  • Apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

DropboxInstalling Dropbox will place a folder locally on your computer that will instantly connect securely online.  Because this folder is technically local on your machine, there is no risk to allowing wifi to your church.  You can share specific files and/or folders with specific people. Files that are in your public folder carry a link that you can give out or post online.  This is a great feature for getting event information or registration forms out.

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Have questions about using Dropbox?  What else would you like to know?  If you are already using Dropbox, how has it come in handy for you?

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  1. Jill Moltumyr says: Reply

    Bryce and I have not only used this personally at home, but also with our youth group. We’ve shared music files so we ALWAYS have the music on hand for Wednesday nights. We also share files for attendance and offerings among many other things. This has been a huge help as we organize our personal and ministry lives.

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