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Welcome to Resource the Church!  As you begin reading this post, you are becoming a part of a dream and a step of faith coming together to serve you, the Church. My purpose is to resource the Church to tell the story.

There are an amazing amount of tools and resources out there that many of us never even hear of. This site is dedicated to helping pastors, church staff, and volunteer leaders discover and successfully utilize these tools and resources to help them share the most important story the world could hear. I will review software, tools, products, anything that will make the daily tasks and challenges of pastors, church staff and volunteers easier, and equip them with resources for creativity and media to help tell the story.

I know that there are so may questions and so many places to begin when you are looking at all of the tech options that are out there to assist your church or ministry. My desire is to begin ongoing conversation and relationships with you, my readers and subscribers so that we may work together to resource the Church. Stay connected each day to our updates through our Facebook fan page, Twitter and RSS feed. Please be sure to email me with any questions or comments, and please make yourself at home!

What makes you so smart?

Good question… I’m glad you asked!  Over the past few years, I have made it a habit to stay fresh with what’s going on in the tech world.  I fully embrace the inner geek. As you can read in my About RtC page, I began working freelance developing websites for churches at an affordable price.  Getting a professional website built with all the tools and features you want can get really expensive… unless you “know a guy.” I want to be that guy for ministries that are building the kingdom.

One day I was asked by the pastor of a neighboring church (who so graciously lets us borrow their church van) to come over to their building and take a look at their equipment and train them on all that they’re capable of.  This got me thinking. There is so much more out there other than websites that can help churches do what they are compelled to do. I am passing on new tools I find on the internet to our Chi Alpha college ministry pastor all the time. Now, I want to also pass them on to you.

My Commitment

You have my word that I will never advertise or promote anything that is inconsistent with the purpose of Resource the Church. If you find ResourcetheChurch.com valuable, please interact with the site not only by reading, subscribing, and commenting on posts, but also by clicking, registering, and buying affiliate offers here, as that is how RtC stays operational and allows me to continue bringing you valuable content.

I hope you will join me in being a part of this community.  The more of you that join our conversation, the more this resource center will help you tell the story.

Please, make yourself at home!

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